Prepare Your Mazda for the Cold at Woodhouse Place Mazda’s Mazda Service Center

October 10th, 2019 by

With the weather finally giving way to a slightly cooler temperature, the time has come to prepare your Mazda car or Mazda SUV for the winter. When it’s time to winterize your Mazda at the Woodhouse Place Mazda Mazda service department, our dedicated technicians will be sure to provide you with the best possible service.

Our team of certified Mazda technicians know our winterization routine by heart. It begins like any other maintenance check: oil changes, filter swaps, fluid top offs, brake inspections… Of course, if anything needs replacement, you can always trust that we use nothing but the same original equipment from your Mazda vehicle for lasting quality and the perfect fit.

Tires play a large role in winterizing your car. The correct tire can make a world of difference on a slick or icy road, and if your 2020 Mazda3 or Mazda Miata is still using the summer tires you installed six months ago, you’re going to run into trouble. Summer tires provide little to no grip on wet and wintry roads, so you’ll be sliding all over the place. What you need is a pair of quality winter tires with the right amount of treading and deep grooves to improve your traction over any surface. Sure, they might not be as performance-friendly on bare roads, but when the snow hits, you’ll be glad to have them.

If you’re bringing in a pre-owned Mazda or a model that’s seen a lot of undercarriage damage, then a rust undercoating might not be a bad idea – we can talk about that when you come into our Omaha, NE Mazda dealership for some quick Mazda service and winterization. See you soon!

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