Stay Chill This Summer at Woodhouse Place Mazda!

July 23rd, 2019 by

In the summer heat, when our Lincoln-area Mazda customers are out enjoying a drive, they have to park in their vehicles in a place that’s going to turn the inside of their car into an oven –because even a 2019 Mazda3 will get too hot in direct sunlight. So today, Woodhouse Place Mazda wants to share some tips and tricks you can practice to keep your Mazda protected from the sun.

A basic trick everyone knows: cracking your windows just a little helps a lot with Mazda SUV (and any other car’s) cabin ventilation. Just don’t open them far enough to tempt any troublemakers.

A basic trick that’s been improved hundred times over through technology: Hanging a solar-powered fan in the window of your Mazda CX-5 makes a colossal difference in the cabin’s temperature. By circulating the air in and out of those cracked windows, the air trapped in the car has less time to heat up, so the cabin stays cooler!

Another great way to keep your vehicle cool is with an old-fashioned sunshade. Not only do they reflect the rays of the sun, but they also protect your dashboard and leather seating from sun fading and damage! Pretty smart for such a simple tool.

But none of these gadgets matter if you can’t trust your car’s air conditioning system – that’s why it’s vital for you to come into our Omaha Mazda dealership for quick Mazda service by our expertly-trained service department! Our team will ensure that your car’s HVAC system is frosty and good to go, so if you have a remote starter, you can start it at one point and just wait for it to cool off! Talk about a pretty neat trick. Happy summer!

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